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Experience the ultimate in durability and style with our residential playsets. Crafted from long-lasting, non-splintering vinyl that mimics the natural beauty of wood, these playsets are built to withstand the test of time. 


Say goodbye to worries about splinters or time-consuming maintenance - our playsets offer a stress-free and maintenance-free solution for endless fun and creativity. Dive into a world of boundless imagination and active play with our wide range of residential playsets. Choose from our carefully curated selection below and customize them to perfectly suit your needs

Tower Series

Vinyl playset towers have been a family favorite for years because they grow with your family. Start with something small and ramp up the fun with accessories as your kids grow.

A-3 Deluxe
A-5 Deluxe
A-5 deluxe playground set
KC-1 Clubhouse
KC-3 Deluxe
KC-10 Economy Turbo
KC-10 Economy turbo 300x200
A-1 Standard Climber
A-1 Standard Climber-Playground Pro

Double Tower Series

A playset design with two play towers means more fun. Bring style and double the fun with our Double Tower series. Add ramps, bridges, swings, and slides for tons of ways to play.

KTB-2 Turbo Tower
RL-1 Adventure
RL-3 Sports Tower
RL- 3 Sports Tower
RL- 4 Super Tower
RL-10 Cliff Lookout
KRC Extreme
A-7 Deluxe double tower
A-7 Deluxe

Playhouse Series

Take your playset a step further with a high-quality vinyl playhouse crafted like a real house. From siding to shingles to shutters, no finishing touch has been ignored

C-1 Hideout
C2 Turbo Escape
C-2 Turbo Escape
C3 Tunner Escape
C-3 Tunnel Escape
C5 Castle
C-5 Castle
C-8 Bridge Escape
C-8 Bridge Escape
C-10 Hideout
C-10 Hideout
Kingdom Lodge
Kingdom Lodge
SK - 60 Cottage Escape
SK-60 Cottage Escape

Mountain Climber Series

Amp up the adventure and keep your children active with a durable Mountain Climber series. The Mountain Climber playset series is built for the adventurers of the family.

SK-3 Mountain Climber
SK - 5 Mountain Climber
SK-5 Mountain Climber
SK - 12 Mountain climber
SK-12 Mountain Climber
SK - 15 Mountain climber
SK-15 Mountain Climber
SK - 18 Mountain climber
Mountain Climber
SK - 30 Mega Mountain climber
SK-30 Mega
Mountain Climber
SK - 40 Rocky Mountain climber
SK-40 Rocky Mountain Climber
SK - 45 Retreat Mountain climber
SK-45 Retreat Mountain Climber

Challenger Series

Want to be the next Fitness Warrior? You will need to train like one. Swing Kingdom’s state-of-the-art warrior series design provides physicality and fun for warriors of ALL ages.

KC - 8 Deluxe (Standard Color)
KC-8 Deluxe (Standard Color)
RL - 20 Fitness Adventure
RL-20 Fitness Adventure

Free Standing Products

Our free-standing swing beams take up less space in your backyard, but can still offer something fun for the youngest to the oldest members of your family.

Free Standing Swing frame
Free Standing Swing Frame
Fanback Lawn Swing Set 
Fanback lawn swing set
Let's create a playtime paradise for your family to enjoy for years to come!
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